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being an amateur creative thinker, is it worth anything?

Originally Published in Dec. 2012

Last week my cousin, who lives in NYC and works in advertising, made a comment in my blog.  She said her agency was looking for creative thinkers who could translate social delusions in art form.  I was, of course, very proud of that, specially because it was very unexpected for me to hear that people like myself had any value at all on the advertising business.

I am now on a sabbatical, and I don’t really have a plan for that.  I am not planning on writing a book, on traveling around the world, or on visiting mystical places searching for a heal to the soul.  I am just permitting myself to do nothing, to be able to think about the last years of my life and try to understand what I want to do with the years that are to come.

Looking back I think I’ve always being creative, in the beginning it helped me, but I never really understood that as a vocation.  I was good in other things, which led me to a career path which sometimes judged my creativity as a liability, not as an asset.  I admire the “doers”, but found little space for the “thinkers” like myself (I ended up studying economics and worked 10 years on strategic planning for large industrial conglomerates, producers of commodities, not exactelly the kind of ambient in which a creative thinker would flourish).

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